About Us

It all started with a crazy idea.

At this moment, we are both graduate students at Clemson University, with a deep passion for entrepreneurship and its incredible ecosystem. We were originally sparked by the AI boom to create an AI-based newsletter (The Foolish Intellect) but could never truly get our minds off of the bigger picture of startups and innovation.

When talking to each other between classes, we can’t help but be overly excited about the incredible wave of innovation happening in our world today. Whether it’s the incredible implications of artificial intelligence, the amazing scientific discoveries in biotech, or the earth-shattering strides in climate-friendly alternatives, this wave of founders, products, and ideas is set to have a gigantic impact on our society.

We both are incredibly interested in one day being able to participate in this ecosystem, and thought, well why not meet some of these people?

That’s why we want to create not just a podcast and blog, but a community of people that are just as amazed by innovation as we are. We want to give the common person an opportunity to learn about the products that will change their lives. We want to highlight the amazing things being done in this world and connect the people whose talent, resolve, and brilliance can help propel us into a better tomorrow.

With The Next Big Thing, we hope to accomplish three things.

First, give founders a platform to show off their brilliance. On our podcast, we hope to create a welcoming, inquisitive, and professional environment for founders to best showcase their product and vision, as well discuss their journey and experiences. With increasingly crowded marketing channels and so many ways to reach customers, we want our podcast to be a tool for founders to get their true message to potential investors, customers, and users.

Second, give industry outsiders a more in-depth viewpoint on these startups. On our blog, we will write our in-depth analysis and research of the product and its market. This will not only give us some industry-level experience, but also help other industry outsiders.

Third, and most importantly, create a community of people who are just as excited as us about the next wave of founders, products, and ideas that will change the world! We don’t view this as just a two-man show, we view this venture as our listeners and readers coming along on the ride with us. Innovation drives change, change drives progress, and progress drives us towards a better future.

In 2023, we are aiming to achieve the following goals.

If you are a founder, or know a founder that would be interested, feel free to email us at nextbigthinghq@gmail.com or DM and follow us on Twitter @NextBigThingHQ.

With all of that being said, we sincerely hope you subscribe and join us on our journey through this vast and dynamic landscape.

-Brendan and Connor

Co-Founders of The Next Big Thing

Brendan Carberry

Connor Fata