EP18: INVESTOR SERIES - SECRETS OF THE BEST VENTURE CAPITALISTS | Venture Capital 101 with Martin Tobias | Founder and General Partner at Incisive Ventures

In this episode of "The Next Big Thing," Brendan and Connor sit down with seasoned venture capitalist Martin Tobias for the first episode of our investor series, where we aim to extract the lessons, principles, and frameworks of the top venture capitalists so that crowdfunding investors can be better prepared to find a great deal.

With an impressive portfolio of startups and an incredibly high unicorn rate, Martin offers a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to succeed in the high-risk world of early-stage investing.

Topics Covered:

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EP17: Nourishing the Next Generation with Katie Thomson | Co-Founder and CEO of Square Baby

In this episode of The Next Big Thing, we are honored to host Katie Thomson, the innovative co-founder and CEO of Square Baby.

The infancy stage is crucial for a child's cognitive and physical development, and nutrition plays an indispensable role in this period. Square Baby, under Katie's guidance, is revolutionizing baby food by offering balanced and nutritious meals, challenging the fruit-heavy, sugar-laden norms of the industry. Their mission? To ensure every baby has a fighting chance at optimal development through their pioneering Square Meal System™, which offers 100% of a baby’s daily nutritional needs.

One of the standout moments in our discussion is Katie's focus on science-based allergen introduction in baby food. This approach aligns with recent studies and could potentially save lives by preventing food allergies. As we dive deeper, Katie provides invaluable insights into how Square Baby isn't just a business but a platform for setting new health standards for our youngest generation.

Katie’s extensive experience in nutritional science, as a registered dietitian and a former nutritionist for Starbucks, comes to the fore as she articulates the rigorous measures Square Baby takes to test for heavy metals and other contaminants. Her commitment to quality and safety is a recurring theme that shapes both her brand and our enlightening conversation.

This episode is essential listening for anyone interested in child development, nutritional science, and the future of food. Whether you're a parent, a healthcare provider, or simply someone passionate about wellness and sustainability, Katie’s evidence-based insights will significantly broaden your understanding of what it takes to nourish the next generation effectively.


Website (https://squarebaby.com)

Invest in Square Baby (wefunder.com/squarebaby)

Katie Thomson LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-thomson-ms-rd-102808a/)

EP16: Pioneering AI-Powered Humanoid Robotics with Dr. Harry Kloor | Co-Founder & CEO of Beyond Imagination

In this episode of The Next Big Thing, we're excited to welcome Dr. Harry Kloor, the visionary co-founder and CEO of Beyond Imagination.

In a world that faces an unprecedented workforce shortage, the role of AI-powered humanoid robotics emerges as a crucial solution. Dr. Kloor, along with his team at Beyond Imagination, has blazed a trail in this space, creating robots capable of not only performing physical tasks but also learning and adapting. At the heart of their innovation is the BEOMNI™ AI Brain, which integrates sight, sound, touch, language, motion, and spatial data without human intervention.

In our engaging conversation, we delve into his vision of robots as collaborative companions in healthcare, leveraging their AI to enhance surgical efficiency and reduce labor costs. But beyond that, the conversation extends to Beyond Imagination's broader mission to transform various industries and the potential consumer market. Dr. Kloor's insights extend beyond mere technological innovation, touching on a future where humanoid robots controlled by Expert Minds become part of everyday life. From an initial goal of producing 10,000 robots in the next five years to a future where billions of humanoids assist mankind, Dr. Kloor's passion for this revolutionary field resonates throughout our discussion.

This episode is a must-listen for those fascinated by the convergence of AI, robotics, and human potential, and how innovation can drive change across industries, redefine labor, and create a promising new frontier in human-robot collaboration.


Website (https://www.beomni.ai/)

Invest in Beyond Imagination (https://wefunder.com/beomni)

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Dr. Harry Kloor Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Kloor)

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Dr. Harry Kloor Twitter (https://twitter.com/HarryDocKloor)

EP15: Crafting Tequila Excellence with Jon Bullinger | Founder of Yéyo Tequila

In this captivating episode of The Next Big Thing, we are honored to dive deep into the world of tequila with Jon Bullinger, the innovative mind behind Yéyo Tequila.

Embarking on a journey through the picturesque Highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexcio, Jon stumbled upon the essence of perfection in blue agave, leading him to establish Yéyo Tequila. Guided by three generations of tequila producers and refined by the expertise of the legendary Master Distiller, Sergio Cruz, Yéyo Tequila stands as a testament to passion, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of flavor.

A standout moment in our conversation revolves around Jon's initial attempt at building a tequila brand, and the lessons he has learned during his professional career in e-commerce. Leveraging these lessons, Jon emphasized the importance of connecting with consumers on a personal level and understanding market dynamics. Reflecting on the challenges faced during his initial tequila journey, he provided a vivid narrative of how those experiences shaped his approach with Yéyo. Armed with these invaluable insights, Jon was determined to ensure that every step taken with Yéyo Tequila was meticulously crafted, from the initial agave selection to the final sip. He is determined to build a brand that connects with its customers deeply, creating not just a customer base, but a community.

For aficionados of spirits, entrepreneurs, or anyone intrigued by the blend of passion, risk, and craftsmanship, this episode offers a refreshing perspective. Dive into the story behind every sip of Yéyo Tequila, understand the dedication that goes into producing a drink as intended, and get inspired by the vision of a man who turned a simple quest for flavor into a legacy.


Website (https://www.yeyotequila.com)

Invest in Yeyo Tequila (https://www.startengine.com/offering/yeyotequila)

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Jon Bullinger Twitter (https://twitter.com/jonbullinger)

Jon Bullinger LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonbullinger/)

EP14: Harnessing the Power of Superfoods and Building Healthier Communities with Ross Franklin | Founder and CEO of Pure Green

In this enlightening episode of The Next Big Thing, we are honored to host Ross Franklin, the dynamic founder and CEO of Pure Green.

In an era where well-being and nutrition are at the forefront of global discourse, the importance of superfoods cannot be overstated. Ross Franklin, with his deep-rooted passion for health and nutrition, founded Pure Green in 2014, aiming to "create healthier communities around the world by connecting people with superfoods." Pure Green’s ascent in the industry, with over 50 locations in the U.S. and Canada, is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to this vision.

Throughout our conversation, Ross delves into the genesis story of Pure Green, revealing how a personal commitment to health transformed into a thriving business empire. A major takeaway is Ross’s emphasis on the holistic benefits of superfoods, not just for the individual, but for entire communities. His insights into recognizing market gaps, creating an authentic brand story, and maintaining a relentless focus on product quality are particularly illuminating for budding entrepreneurs. As the discussion unfolds, Ross shares his aspirations for the future of Pure Green, pointing towards a larger goal of creating a global health movement. His deep conviction in the power of nutrition, a theme reiterated throughout our conversation, has been pivotal in shaping his entrepreneurial narrative. For those fascinated by the confluence of health, entrepreneurship, and community impact, Ross's profound insights offer an inspirational blueprint.

This episode is an essential listen for those keen on exploring the intricacies of the health food industry, the transformative potential of superfoods, and the essence of visionary leadership in the world of business.


Website (https://puregreenfranchise.com)

Invest in Pure Green (https://republic.com/pure-green-franchise)

Ross Franklin LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rossfranklin/)

Pure Green LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/puregreenfranchise/)